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Webinar: Screening for Feeding Problems: What to Assess, Ask, and Do

NC WIC Association Webinar Series
To register contact:  Amy D'Angelo,
Free to members, $25.00 to non-members

Description: By current estimates 25-40% of infants and young children experience feeding problems.  Some problems are fleeting and a child “grows out of it.” In other instances, a child may make progress, but it develops slowly and feeding is a significant source of stress for the family.  How do you know when a feeding snag has become problem, or perhaps even a disorder that would benefit from feeding therapy? In this webinar, we will:

  • Review developmental feeding skills and discuss signs that feeding may be too far off track
  • Discuss key screening questions to pose and to whom
  •  Identify “Red Flag” signs and symptoms of a feeding problems that warrant immediate referral
  •  Learn how to refer to the UNC Feeding Team
  • Consider common nutrition interventions used by the UNC Feeding Team dietitians for infants and toddlers experiencing feeding problems for care collaboration.