Dare Not to Diet: An Introduction to Intuitive Eating
10:30 AM10:30

Dare Not to Diet: An Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Thinking about another diet for the new year? Maybe it is time to try something new.

This one-hour introductory class on the principles of Intuitive Eating and Eating Competence. Anyone looking to free their eating habits from the rigid rules and counting of traditional diets and journey towards peace, balance, and freedom are encouraged to attend. Not a lecture, this class will focus on discussion and awareness building exercises to introduce the Intuitive Eating principles. Resources to continue your journey will also be discussed.

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Imagine eating...

...without obsessing about calories, carbs or grams of fat.
...foods you enjoy without worry and stress or about being "bad".
...with confidence and peace, knowing you can trust yourself to eat enough for you.

Imagine freeing yourself from dieting forever.

Everyone has a natural eating style, but toxic messages about body-size, beauty, and food marketing get in the way of letting your best eating shine through. You deserve to enjoy eating without worry. With guidance and support you CAN be a competent, relaxed eater.

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