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Let's Talk About It! 


Working Towards Wellness

Do you have a nutrition concern or question and want to talk it over with a nutrition expert?  This service is for you! Maybe you have a habit you want to break or a new one you want to build. Perhaps mealtime at your house is way too stressful. Whatever the concern, we will sit down for about an hour, talk about it, and come up with a plan. Includes handouts, resources, and email support. Reduced pricing for micro-class attendees. $95-125 


After we talked about your concern or question, let me support you while put your ideas into action. Forty-five minute session per month divided as you prefer in-person or online. As you work towards your wellness goals I will provide additional information, ideas for change, and practical feedback. I may also become your biggest cheerleader too! $50-80

  • Check you special pricing for 3-or 6-session packages, plus packages for pregnancy here
  • Private consultation sessions available only for individuals in North Carolina.
  • In-home session available for $30. 

This is a class just for you and one friend to learn about a preselected nutrition topic. Great options for parents and friends looking for information. Quicker than reading a book and you can ask questions.  Includes note handouts, resources, and email Q & A for two weeks after the session. Facebook groups developing for some classes. $65

Classes are for anyone, anywhere! Don't see a class you want? Contact me.

Private class: Web or In-person 


Micro-Class: Web or in-person

Grab 3 friends or maybe make new friends while learning about a nutrition topic! A wide range of topics are offered. Micro-classes are 45 minutes long, and include, note handouts, resources, and email Q & A for one week after the session.  Micro-classes must have two people registered to take place  and are limited to 4 participants unless I come to you. $25

I can come to your home or group for a class. Contact me for details.

If you see several classes you want to take, consider a Talk About It session.

Child and adult versions of this class available!

Chocolate is like wine – they both have specific varieties, are fermented, and their taste is influenced by their processing.  This class teaches how the growing and processing of chocolate influences its flavor. Guests will test out their new knowledge with sensory tasting (we'll teach that too!) of about 8 different chocolates. Choose from several themes, (e.g. cacao origin; maker origin; all 70%; or sweet to extra bitter). Premium chocolate add-on available. I will bring everything needed for the tasting party . You provide beverages and a few snacks (recommended). 

Adults: $25 per person with an 8-person or $200 minimum for groups with 4 - 14 people. Add only $15 per person starting with 15th guest. 

Children and teens: $15 per person with a 10-person or $150 minimum; Fifteen person limit for children and teen classes. 

Please note that this class happens only in your home or designated location. Travel add-on is necessary for locations more than 30 minutes from my office.  

Contact me for more information and to schedule. 

Chocolate Tasting