What do Insects and Vegetables Have in Common?


... they both elicit cries of "YUCK!" 

Food likes, dislikes, and downright aversions don't always make sense to others. And let's face it, even the most accepting parent can get frustrated with food aversions and selective eating. When you catch yourself in  frustrated judgment mode, pause, breathe, and put yourself in your child's shoes. Think of a food you find pretty unappealing- may it is seaweed, liver, trip, beef tartar, or black licorice. Need some more inspiration? Think insects and larvae!  Check out this article from the Associated Press published in the Washington Post about a new product, Essento, available in Europe that is flying off the shelves


GENEVA — Swallow deeply, pinch the nose and repeat the mantra: “Tastes like beef, tastes likes beef.” Then bite into the burger of rice, chopped vegetables, spices and mealworm larvae. 

The Swiss supermarket chain Coop, to a bit of domestic hoopla, has begun selling burgers and balls made from insects. It’s being billed as a legal first in Europe, a continent more accustomed to steak, sausage, poultry and fish as a source of protein.

The goal is to convince leery consumers to try a nutritious, if unusual food that “preserves the planet’s resources,” Coop says.

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