Meal Planning: Pen it in Weekly

In the days before smartphones, we had planners. Since schedules often changed, I usually used pencil to jot down meetings and plans. But, when I really mean it, I used pen. 

a-daily-planner-filled-with-a-busy-parents-daily-activities_HtbGFODRBi (1).jpg

Writing a task in pen meant: 

  • this is important, a valuable use of your time
  • things may get complicated if you miss this or don't do it. 

Meal planning is worth being penned in weekly. 

Making new habits can be hard, but there is a trick to make it easier: anchor a new habit with something that you routinely do.


In my family, we meal plan after brunch on Sundays. This timing is also an excuse for a second homemade latte. 

Perhaps it works better in your family to do it Thursday after dinner or Saturday mornings. If meal planning is the thing you never quite get to, try penning it in. Choose a time and put it weekly in your smartphone calendar. 

Another benefit of penning it in: Each week you take the time to plan, the time you need for the task will get shorter!