Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between a class and "Let's Talk About It" consultation?

A class is education on a topic selected in advance with up to four learners. They are interactive and include reflective exercises and homework, but they do not include individualized assessments or recommendations from me.  A class is a good option for you if you:

  • Want to learn  about a specific topic to be better informed on a topic
  • Are unsure if you need additional support or consultation around an issue (e.g. picky/selective eating). Consultation after a class is discounted the cost of one class ($30)
  • Are ready to make changes and have had success in the past making lifestyle changes on your own. 
  • Like learning with and from others

A  "Let's Talk About It" consultation is highly individualized and includes a nutrition assessment coupled with a collaborative process to support you in reaching your goals.  You can bring a partner or support person to your session. Consultation is a good option if you or your family member:

  • Are unsure where to start in improving your or your family’s eating habits. 
  • Know what you want to change, but are having trouble putting your desires it into action.
  • Want to focus only on advice and suggestions specific to your needs and desires
  • Have medical conditions that influence your nutritional status
  • Have concerns about your child's growth

To make sure that we are a good match for consultation, please read here about my philosophy and the areas that I provide consultation. If you do not see an area listed, please contact me before booking an appointment. This is critical, because I do not provide consultations in all areas. 

How does class scheduling work?

Classes have flexible scheduling in order to keep the service affordable.  Classes are scheduled on demand.  Each class that takes place in my office has four participant slots. Two of those slots need to be filled for a class to take place.  If you are the first person to sign up for a class, you can buy the class out and leave it private or you can leave it open for others to join you. If you see a class already scheduled that you want to take, go ahead and sign up!  Each person (including teens) must purchase a slot to attend the class. No guests! 

A full list of class descriptions can be found here.

Does my child need to come? 

I find that sessions are more productive  (and you will get more for your money!) when the adults-only come together, particularly  for the first visit. This is particularly important  if we will be having any discussions about parent concerns about weight.  Comments about weight, even casual ones, can be harmful to children; for a nice discussion of this see this NY Times Ask Well Blog post.  

Sessions that include older children or teens will be planned in advance and are flexible based on family needs. .  For example, we may split a visit, where I meet half the time with the child and the other half with the parent(s) or caregivers.  
Let me know if it is necessary to bring your child due to scheduling reasons so that we can come up with a plan. 
The exceptions to this general rule are infants-in-arms and non-separating children are welcome to sessions. If you ever have a question, please ask! 


Why do I have to pay in advance? 

Payment at time of booking reduce no-shows and late cancellations. My time for private practice is limited, thus no-shows are not merely an inconvenience, rather are a barrier for me to remain in business.  Prepayment is common for  other group wellness activities like cooking classes, yoga, and dance lessons. 

Payment in advance also allows me to use online scheduling, so you can schedule wherever and whenever it is convenient for you! No back and forth emails or phone tag to set up or change an appointment or class time. 

Please keep in mind that for private consultation visits, I can spend up to 30 minutes preparing in advance reading questionnaires, setting up your medical record and even preparing education materials and special handouts just for you in advance of our meeting. I believe that advance preparation saves client time and money by reducing the number or type of future visits. Prepayment assures that I am compensated for this preparation without increasing overall fees. 

How can I get a refund? 

I recognize that life can get complicated! If you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice you have the option to receive a refund minus a $30 administration fee or you can keep a credit that is available to you for up to 365 days. You can reschedule online for another time that is convenient to you. If you do not use your credit after 365 days, I will send you a refund minus the $30 administration fee. I process refunds at the end of the month, therefore there will be a delay in receiving your refund. You can always request a refund at anytime during the credit year.